BEAR mustard one layer beanie

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BEAR mustard one layer kids beanie

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Children's one layer cotton beanie, cool and stylish, BEAR mustard

- playful and cool, stylish and cosy children's hat with teddy ears!

- stylish hats and sets with neck snoods in different colors: this elastic fabric hat fits perfectly with children's BUBOO neck snoods of the same fabric.

- a high-quality hat for warm weather: recommended for summer / spring / warm autumn. Fits well for windy seaside weather.

- check out the BEAR caps review on our Youtube channel.

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Cool, stylish, different one layer cotton beanie BEAR mustard 

BEAR cotton children's hat is a playful hat with teddy ears. A slightly stiffer Rib knit fabric was chosen for this model.

These hats go well with NECK SNOODS, UPSIDEDOWN and TRENDY scarves which are of the same fabric.

Like most of the models we have created, this hat bends twice over the ears, plus you can adjust the folding as your child grows and the hat will grow together!

Due to the extremely elastic fabric and sophisticated design, this hat does not slip on the eyes and does not rise - it is the best fit for your little one, invisible comfort for the fussy and picky kids; even suitable for sleeping.

Recommended seasons: spring, warm autumn and even summer (at the seaside or if it is windy).


Sizes Recommended age

Recommended head extent, cm

Beanie measures then not stretched, cm

00 0 - 5 month baby 32 - 37 32
0 5 month baby - 1,5 year toddler 37 - 42 37
1 1,5 - 4 year kid 42 - 49 42
2 4 - 8 year kid 47 - 53 44
3  8 year kid - adult 53 - 57 50


- with stylish teddy ears;

- bends twice, adjusts on the ears;

- the hat is growing with the child, so it is suitable for several seasons;

- stretchy, breathable cotton fabric;

- elastic fabric stays on the head which does not slip off the head and keep your little one ears warm;

- recommended for summer, spring or warm autumn;

- a wide variety of colors;

- composition: 97% cotton 3% elastane.

ATTENTION: due to the fabric, the sizes run bigger than usual.

  • - All BUBOO products are born in professional sewing shops using the necessary equipment and under the supervision of competent persons, thus ensuring the highest Premium quality. For this reason, we do not have the ability to sew on request or several units, but if you do not find the right size or color in the BUBOO online store, I recommend you to write us by email - it is very likely that the hat you are looking for is already on the way to the shop shelves.

* Colors might vary due to computer settings and lightening;

** the price is specified only for 1 beanie;

***the size is recommended and may vary depending on the fabric.

Some facts and history about the BUBOO brand:

The BUBOO brand, which has been running for 7 years, is a family business, started its activities with the hats for the summer! Currently, BUBOO hats are designed for all seasons and have traveled all over the world and collect laurels at the largest international exhibitions. BUBOO also creates women's clothing and accessories, children's clothing and the Buboo HOME line.

We and our team give our all to create, work out and test each model! If we do not find the perfect fabric, thread or equipment, we simply do not sew - we offer our customer only the best. Just imagine, sometimes even 4 different functions performing sewing machines are needed to create one hat model!

We are not in a hurry, we allow ideas to mature and unfold - it happens that even 6 months and more take from the conception to the realization of a real example! However, after receiving thank-you messages from moms around the world, I know deep inside that it was worth it.

BUBOO kids beanies are even chosen by the mothers of the pickiest and hats-disliking children, because our product is:

• carefully selected from the best fabrics that reach us from even 7 countries;

• perfect and tested models that are extremely comfortable and functional - do not slip on the eyes, cover the ears, fit snugly and do not lift up;

• this is the work and insights of the most competent professionals in their fields.

Buboo hats for children are not worn or grown. The most common comment I hear from my clients is: “these hats are impossible to wear out - after 2-3 years they look like new and still fit!” And if they are finally grown up - they are easily sold or passed on to a younger brother or sister.

The hats for spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as every BUBOO product is created and tested by me, Erika Puodėnienė, with the help of my beloved family. Of course, I can’t manage without professional support. I think me, as a mom, know best what is perfect for my kids. Meanwhile, competent professionals in their fields help me to implement the ideas by selecting the best constructions, materials, equipments and tools. This is how perfect products are born - which were evaluated not only by Buboo's loyal friends, but also by experts at international exhibitions.


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